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I'm Katy, an illustrator and graphic designer from Massachusetts.  I've been doing custom illustrations for over 10 years for families, businesses, and groups of all kinds.

I got my start by drawing cartoon versions of people.  My first official group portrait was a gift for my staff of undergraduate RAs when I was working as a Residence Director.  I was looking for an end of the year gift that they wouldn't want to ditch while they were moving out of their rooms.  They loved seeing themselves in cartoon form, and from there I started to get requests from colleagues and beyond to create drawings of their staffs, families, and groups.

I love recreating family photos, honoring beloved pets, and creating unique group gifts.  Over the years, so many entrepreneurs and creatives have reached out to me when they need something a little offbeat to make their materials stand out.  I've had the opportunity to illustrate children's books, design logos, create corporate gifts and direct mailings, develop educational resources, and so much more.

I would love to help you break through the monotony of graphics templates and create something uniquely you!  Contact me to get started.

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